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Curtain lowers on BPB Season

As of Sunday, May 8th, at around 6 PM, the Ballet Palm Beach 2015-2016 season came to an end. So….congrats to a wonderful season for everyone involved! I know I haven’t been properly keeping up-to-date, so as an end-of-season celebration, I’m going to do a recap on each of the shows we’ve done this year. …

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New page: Adventure List!

I’ve added a new page! It’s my version of a “Bucket List”, and it will continually update as I remember to write down my truly inspired inspirations. Check it out at the top of the page, or if you aren’t on my page, (or simply find that the top of the page is too far …

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Adulting Interferes with Ballet

Adulting: noun; the act of performing duties required of oneself after one turns of legal age, i.e. working to make money, shopping, car upkeep, medical appointments, etc. Adulting sucks. I get that certain things need to get done, and that they take up time. That’s fine! I’m okay with that! But what I am really having …

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Audition Season: Video!

Sunday was spent filming an audition video to send out to companies! More to come on audition season, but first, here are the results of those extra studio hours (and an awesome friend to help me out):   Arianna Morrison, age 18 Complete audition video for 2016 including: – Contemporary pas performance work (Middle girl) …

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Tips & Tricks for Pesky Pirouettes

Preface: This should have been up ages ago. So my apologies, you lovely person who asked me for help!! I hope that you can still use this information in your maybe-new year’s resolution to work on your pirouettes! Also: Pirouettes I don’t actually think you’re pesky please don’t forsake me now!) I got my first …

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Back into the groove

2016 has now settled around us, and I have been back at company for a week. I have to say, after not dancing for two weeks, and using that time to surround myself with a whirlwind of activity and people to visit, I almost forgot what dancing felt like! It was actually pretty surreal. I …

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Hello 2016

2015 was a strange year. Really, just strange. And to be honest, I was ready for it to be over. Not that it was all bad. Looking at my Hello 2015 post, I did pretty good with my “resolutions” (In quotations because I really hate using the word, because most New Year’s resolutions are broken, …

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Back to the Blogging!

Hello Internet Blogosphere! Today, I return! As a collaborative early holiday present, this year’s big ticket item, my uncle, mom, and nana got me a brand new laptop! Needless to say (though I’m going to say it anyway) I’m so happy and thankful and excited! This is the first time I’ve had a brand new …

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Brief Hiatus?

Hello Internet! To those that follow along with me here on the blog: awesome!  Also to those that follow along with me here on the blog: I’m sorry! I have had so many posts that I’ve wanted to write, including an answer to my first submitted question! (A long advice post is coming!). But, I …

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Guess who has an Instagram? Ari_dancer!

First of all, this ballerina-to-be would like to apologize. While I don’t have a set posting schedule, I have been mentally chastising myself lately for not posting more. Then, the other voice in my head argues that I have had pretty limited time lately. And that second voice has a point. I am very fortunate …

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