Adventure List

…Okay, fine. It’s a “Bucket List”. But something in me decided I didn’t want to call it that. So, unless and until I come up with something more suitable, I’ve decided I like “Adventure List”. It’s my list, and I’m going to call it what I want. And I don’t care if some of the items are “impossible”. Why, sometimes I believe in six impossible things before breakfast! Again, my list. So! Without further ado, a list of things I want to do, I suppose, in no particular order:

  • Fly. (And I don’t mean in an airplane, been there, done that. I mean, someone get me a personal jetpack, a broomstick, awaken my X-gene, or genetically alter me to have wings. Anyone? Bueller?)
  • Dance:
    • Dewdrop (somehow the one of two Nutcracker roles I haven’t done, except as Clara in one version)
    • Every role in Nutcracker (excepting men’s only roles)
    • Clara (again)
    • Cinderella
    • The White Cat in Sleeping Beauty (I don’t care if it’s a small role, it’s a cat, and I want to dance it!)
    • Swanhilda in Coppelia
    • Lise in La Fill Mal Gardee
  • Learn contact juggling (apparently that’s what that cool crystal ball hand movements are called that were done in The Labyrinth)
  • Learn the aerial silks (especially that one trick where you run and then you are in the air flying around…yeah I’m great at these technical terms, aren’t I?)
  • Participate in the Bay Area Renaissance Festival as a performer (any would be good, and maybe I’m biased since I’ve been going to this one since 2010ish, but it’s the best.)
  • See the Milky Way in our night sky without crazy city light pollution
  • Write a book
    • Participate in National Novel Write Month
    • Publish a book
  • See a broadway performance on Broadway in NYC
    • See Wicked!!
  • Go on a cruise
  • Befriend a little dragon to ride on my shoulder and be my friend.
    • Befriend a dragon large enough that I can ride (flying!)
  • Visit all those cool bodies of water (Dead Sea where you can float, the one with the pink water, the black sand, the “glowing sand”, you get the idea)
  • Ride a camel, because Nana said we should do this because we’ve yet to do it Summer 2016!
  • Get in the Guinness Book of World Records for something ridiculous
  • Inspire at least one little spark of madness in someone
  • Do all that touristy stuff in the Big Apple
  • Go on a Harry Potter London adventure
    • Go on an LA Harry Potter adventure (apparently some nerd recreated Platform 9 3/4 there too!)
  • Fun Fact: The total Harry Potter movie runtime is over 19 hours. Guess who wants to have a nonstop marathon challenge? (It’s me)
  • Go on a Wizarding World of Harry Potter adventure with my mom
    • and with fellow geek Stephanie
  • Cosplay at an event. TBCC 2016- Harley Quinn!
  • Get a college degree (I want to have the college life experience)
  • See a meteor shower
    • Wish on a shooting star Saw two during ziplining trip, Fall 2016!
  • Leave a note for a future reader in a library copy of a favorite book
  • Go on one of those cheesy teenage movie roadtrips with my bestfriend
    • Record with a camcorder
  • Go on a trip with my mom
  • Read the longest novel ever written
  • Never finish this list

That’s all for now! This list will continueally update as I get new and sudden bursts of inspiration (Read: remember to write things down). This list will always grow and never end, but I hope to use my time and complete as many items as I can.

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Ballerina-to-Be


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