Adulting Interferes with Ballet

Adultingnoun; the act of performing duties required of oneself after one turns of legal age, i.e. working to make money, shopping, car upkeep, medical appointments, etc.

Adulting sucks. I get that certain things need to get done, and that they take up time. That’s fine! I’m okay with that! But what I am really having a problem with? All the mental stress and tiredness that comes with it.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea; this is not a blog post meant to complain about normal, routine things that everyone does. I’m not even complaining about having to work and stress about my job outside my company, because I feel very fortunate to have it, and the more I work, the less stress I cause for my wonderful mother.

No, this is just to put out on the internet something I’ve come to realize: Adulting Interferes with Ballet.

Adulting interferes with my ideal life of immersion in ballet. Think about it: sure, my time is taken up by things I need to do,  important things, outside of dancing. Again, I am completely fine with this healthy, normal idea. Here comes the important But: at company, my thoughts and energies should be focused completely on rehearsing and becoming a better dancer. Instead, I find myself unable to ignore all thoughts and worries about financial crap and what I need to do outside the wonderful studio time I enjoy.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to reach this conclusion. There are so many other dancers out there who have “real life”, adulting crap to attend to as well, and this goes for anyone at any job. Ballet takes so much focus and discipline, and I can’t help but think back to my time dancing in high school. I focused more on thinking about my rehearsals and my technique and improving than my schoolwork! (I’m not endorsing this mindset, but school came pretty easy for me, so I was able to do it). It was a lovely time where I was able to grow and improve a lot.

This is not to say I cannot grow and improve in my current situation, or that I am alone in it. In fact, I count myself lucky for all the support my family gives me. I also would like to tip my hat and acknowledge all the dancers and non-dancers before me who have had to work multiple jobs and undergo the stresses of everyday life to pursue their dreams.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’ll be nice when I am able to be paid for what I love to do, and be able to pour myself into it completely. And I’m told by someone on the other side that it does in fact get easier after the inaguration year of adulting and living on your own. So to end this post, hats thrown in the air to celebrate the act of pursuing your dreams, in spite of adulting, and in the hopes that soon a greater percentage of our energies can be flung in our favorite directions!

~Your reluctantly adulting, Friendly Neighborhood Ballerina-to-Be



  1. Ooh, I feel ya! Even though I’m currently using education-ing as way to put off full-time adulting, I’m scared by the very real possibility that becoming professional dancer (or trying to becoming one, anyway) will involve more time worrying about how to pay rent in the city than about actual dance.

    In terms of focus in the studio, I sometimes think of dancing-with-other-stuff-going-on as like an advanced-level mindfulness challenge. Like forget “gently letting go of intruding thoughts”—I better figure out how to drop this extra crap in my head quick, because dammit, this pirouette combination isn’t gonna wait around for me to sort out my housing situation!

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    • Yes, it is a challenge, but I do think it will get better! And I’m sure juggling school is no joke either. Mind games are awesome! Of course, its usually during barre where I have to make myself focus- I anxiously await pirouettes every day!

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  2. Veronica Fazio

    I understand about worries interfering with what we are trying to live. Adulting does get easier if you learn what helps you to “center” your beingness. I know this may sound strange. As a Massage Therapist I need to be calm, centered and honor the client’s body by entering a state of “Being” where my thoughts are ‘suspended and consciousness is in my touch.
    One method is to have a “ritual” before you perform an important task. Stress/worry can cause a mind/body disconnect. Find what helps you to calm your mind and do that before even stretching.
    One method of reconnecting your mind/body for what you will be doing is “Stop Think”. When you are aware of a worry, say to yourself “Stop”, take a deep breath and put your awareness in the feel of your muscles, your breathing, the beating of your heart. Go inward. Practice this at time when you do not have dance. It works for all situations. You are controlling what you feed your brain by training it to respond to the thought “Stop”, then connecting Mind/Body with a deep breath. Breathing out longer than in will physically cause your body to relax and the connection to strengthen.
    Try meditating a few minutes each day. Your being likes undivided attention and will always benefit you.
    Love, Nana

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    • I’ve known about the breathing thing, but I think learning to tell my brain Stop! is a good idea. I’m going to try that! And the meditation too, but that one may take a little longer for me to implement. Love you Nana.


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