Back to the Blogging!

Hello Internet Blogosphere!

Today, I return! As a collaborative early holiday present, this year’s big ticket item, my uncle, mom, and nana got me a brand new laptop! Needless to say (though I’m going to say it anyway) I’m so happy and thankful and excited! This is the first time I’ve had a brand new computer, and it’s my new precious. So now, I am officially saying thank you where it will immortalized forever on the internet: THANK YOU! My family is awesome 🙂

In other news, I’ve passed the one year mark! Despite the recent tumbleweeds that have been blowing across my blog, I have now had it up for a year. And people actually read some of what I write, and that makes me very happy! As I get back on the blogging horse, I hope to grow this blog and keep writing about the adventures of a ballerina-to-be.

From said Friendly Neighborhood Ballerina-to-Be,

It’s great to be back!


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