Music mishap in a small town show

IMG_0248 ^That poster behind me? Yeah, I’m the girl in red.

My company had a performance in Frostproof today, a small town (small city?) in Florida. I honestly love small town shows, because though the audience is small, they sincerely love our performance and are happy that we came.

I performed the third act gamzatti variation for the show that I had done for competition last year, and I was happy for the chance to perform it again. The only bad thing was that when the music came on, it was not mine. I don’t know how it could have happened, but while the music was the right variation, it was not the track I had been rehearsing to. The music was sped up for most of the variation, except for the ending which was excruciatingly slow. I think I still performed well under the circumstances, but it was uncomfortable and needless to say I was a bit upset.

But despite the music mishap, chilly theatre and wood floor devoid of marley, I still love performing. Maybe not this performance in particular, but that’s okay.

Conclusion: small towns are awesome to perform for, and I faked it till I made it through the show.



  1. Oh so painful. You are a true professional–show must go on. And a story you’ll never forget…

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    • Thanks, and part of the reason I posted it was so I wouldn’t forget.

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  2. Ahhh no! Good on you for keeping cool and dancing through it though.

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    • Thanks, it truly is the show must go on.


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