Ramblings of Rolling my ankle

About two weeks ago (last Thursday) my right foot caught bad coming down from a jump and I rolled my ankle and landed in a bad way. This is probably about the third time I have rolled this ankle in my life. My ankle was swollen and hurt on the outside when I sickled, and on my achilles when I pointed. I knew it would be fine and was not a major injury, if the inside had hurt we would have had a bigger problem.

So, I iced and elevated and compressed and rested. But at first I was dumb and tried to dance again the next day, but of course taking it easy. Moving it actually kept my ankle from getting stiff, so I figured I’d take it easy for a few days. I tried pointe on Monday, and it hurt a bit but I thought I could push through. Yeah, I’m not always smart about when to rest.

So no pointe on Tuesday, and when it still was swollen and in pain on Wednesday, I got the official “no dancing” proclamation from my director. My friends and fellow company members told me to rest, but I hate sitting out and didn’t want to listen until the Boss Lady told me to sit. So I didn’t dance at all until this Monday, taking almost a week off. Of course, I still went to the studio to watch and get corrections and changes in choreography.

So I have been able to do full classes so far this week, and rehearsal, but on flat. I have been taking it easy, cross my heart. I put on my pointe shoes as a test today, and it did not feel good on my achilles at all. I am worried I might now have tendonitis or something, or does that have a different cause? Needless to say, no pointe yet, and this is starting to get depressing. My feet looked so pretty in my pointe shoes, I miss it. But I have zero intention of chancing anything. The bad thing is we have a show in a week in a half, and the two pieces I’m in are on pointe. Great. At least it is a small show, but I love performing for this small town because the audience is always appreciative and enthusiastic.

Pointes to take away: I hate sitting out, random injuries you can’t control suck, Will I get to perform next week?, not going on pointe and dancing to my fullest potential is depressing. Also, I HATE SITTING OUT.



  1. I hear you! I hate sitting out too. Have you been stretching your achilles? Gently massaging it? And/Or doing any strengthening? You seem really aware of your body and know to take care of yourself. A site I found when I injured my achilles is http://www.theballetblog.com. Good luck!

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    • Yes, I have been. I am lucky to have a bunch of caring people to nag me 🙂 Thank you for the website and the well wishes, they are greatly appreciated!

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